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Beware Swimwear was created by Minouche "Mimi" Pericles. Mimi created Beware when she was asked to participate in a competition for HJD Fashion Evolution in the Caribbean of Trinidad and Tobago. After winning two awards in the Editorial Category and Originality Category, Mimi continues with the line and decided to make it bigger. Inspired by the vintage age of swimwear and a mix with the Caribbean and south beach vide, Beware is sure to grab attention. With high waist bottoms and unique cuts that can hide every woman's insecurities and show off they confidence, Beware is sophisticated, sexy and flirty beach line that can turn heads. It consists of bold prints and vibrant colors to make one of kind one pieces, bikinis and monokinis (Beware most known for fitted high waist). This is a complete line to make a day at the beach fun. 

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